Welcome to my website! I’m Samuel Martin. I love music, reading, my cat Willow and film. I’m a Videographer/Photographer/Writer. I was born and grew up in London, but now live in Ireland. Living here I completed a four year course in TV & Media Production with first class honours.

I edit on several programs on both Mac and PC computers. My personal favourite is Premiere Pro and the Adobe Suite in general. I also edit on Avid and Final Cut Pro. I am constantly learning new things and working on something creative. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than bringing an idea to life.

I’m always creating, however I can. I have had the pleasure of both directing and editing music videos for some amazingly talented bands. I have written, directed and edited multiple short films. I’ve taken many photographs, created album covers, written multiple scripts and want to do even more.

You can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.